Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 73

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Digital trends are always changing and there is not a single day without news or updates which may create a fireball effect. Well, at least a digital fireball. Latest and most noticeable news are listed below, bundled in a nutshell.

Google Searches Now Result in a Click

1〉 Less than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click

Rand Fishkin shares that a majority of all browser-based searches on Google resulted in zero-clicks, for the very first time, in history. Zero-click searches happen when users search and leave the search engine result page without clicking on any result, neither paid nor organic.

Check it out on Sparktoro Blog


2〉 When indexing goes wrong

Google crawls and indexes the webpages in order to retrieve the most related results for given queries, that may not be news for you. Google shared this post on Webmasters blog on how Google Search recovered from indexing issues and lessons learned since. Even though this post does not end question marks we might have about what was the issue with indexing problem, it certainly makes us feel heard of.

Read more on Google Webmasters Blog

Google Knowledge Graph Reconciliation

3〉 Google Knowledge Graph Reconciliation

Every time Bill Slawski posts something on his website, we quit what we are doing and start reading his words like mindless zombies. This time it’s about the knowledge graphs.
Quoted: “Exploring how Google’s knowledge graph works can provide some insights into how is growing and improving and may influence what we see on the web. A newly granted Google patent from the end of last month tells us about one way that Google is using to improve the amount of data that its knowledge graph contains.”

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Robotstxt best practice guide

4〉 Robots.txt best practice guide, part 2: Setting up your robots.txt file

Michael McManus shares best practices of robots.txt on Search Engine Watch. This is actually a series of blog posts which includes the first part that we shared on Thursday10 as well. If you think you don’t need to know anything about robots.txt, we double dare you to take a look unless you don’t have a website.

Check it out on Search Engine Watch

AR walking navigation feature

5〉 Google Maps’ easy-to-follow AR walking navigation feature is rolling out to more phones

Google announced that it’s testing an augmented reality (AR) feature in its Maps app in February 2019. Now, it’s officially called Live View, can be used in more phones, and shifting the feature to beta status from alpha.

Check it out on The Next Web

Campaign IDs and Budget IDs

6〉 Campaign IDs and Budget IDs as 64-bit in Google Ads

This is originally published on Google Ads Developers Blog.
Quote: “In the AdWords API and Google Ads API, Campaign IDs and Budget IDs are 64-bit signed integers and are of type xsd:long in the AdWords API and INT64 in the Google Ads API. Applications that integrate with the API should handle ID values in that range.”

Read more on Google Blog

Google Local Pack Carousel With Ad At The Top

7〉 Test: Google Local Pack Carousel With Ad At The Top

Mike Blumenthal spotted this screen last week on Google mobile SERP and Barry Schwartz (as always) quickly re-shared it on seroundtable website. According to the screenshot, Google was testing showing not just the local pack carousel, but an ad slot in that local pack carousel.

Check it out on Seroundtable Website

Why you need to understand Google algorithm updates

8〉 Why you need to understand Google algorithm updates

Eric Enge talked on the obvious reasons to track and understand Google algorithm updates with Barry Schwartz who is known as the fastest and most accurate news editor in the world. You can either watch the 10-minute video or read the transcript which is about an 11-minute read.

Check it out on Perficient Digital Blog

Facebook is starting to sell streaming video subscriptions — but not from HBO or Showtime

9〉 Facebook is starting to sell streaming video subscriptions — but not from HBO or Showtime

According to Peter Kafka’s article published on Vox website, nearly everyone is trying to sell you streaming video. Now add Facebook to that list. Starting exactly today, Facebook will let some users buy subscriptions to a limited set of offerings from video providers that include Tastemade and CollegeHumor.

Read it on Vox Website

New Font for Google Docs

10〉 New Font for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

As shared by Frederic Lardinois on TechCrunch, Google announced that it is bringing a new font to Docs, Sheets and Slides that was explicitly designed to improve reading speeds. The new font, Lexend, is developed by Thomas Jockin. And it looks good.

Read more on TechCrunch

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