Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 72

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mobile apps

1〉 Why App Store Optimization is Important

Let’s see how many apps are available out there now: More than 2 million! The average smartphone user has more than 80 apps downloaded on their device. App store optimization (ASO) is pretty important if you’d like your app to be discovered by people. Here’s the blog post that was written by Converged Team member Cemre Yildiz.

Check it out on Converged Blog

Duplicate Image Experiment

2〉 Long Term Duplicate Image Experiment

If you are in SEO or solely content creation part of the business, you know one thing clear: Google does not like duplicate content. Shai Aharony shares the experiment on duplicate images and their consequences.

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How to secure links and coverage reactively

3〉 How to secure links and coverage reactively

Kristina Lazarevic shares tools and basic tips on reactive link building that involves clients’ contributions and jumping on current online discussions.

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Removing Noindex Robots txt

4〉 Google Search Console Notices For Removing Noindex Robots.txt

The notice reads as Barry Schwartz shared, “Remove “noindex” statements from the robots.txt of http:” It then says “Google has identified that your site’s robots.txt file contains the unsupported rule “noindex”. This rule was never officially supported by Google and on September 1, 2019 it will stop working. Please see our help center to learn how to block pages from the Google index.”

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ranking factor

5〉 What is a Ranking Factor?

Since there is a cloud of every bit of misleading information on the subject at Twitter and other places on the internet, Tom Capper has shared what actually is a ranking factor. Definitely worth skimming through the misconceptions he shared.

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Integrate Organic, Paid, and Content

6〉 9 Tips to Integrate Organic, Paid, and Content

Heather Physioc shares nine great tips to integrate organic, paid and content, all together. There’s also a five minutes video if you don’t feel like reading.

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Google Image Search Launched Swipe Up Visit Site

7〉 Google Image Search Launched Swipe Up Visit Site

If your audience or customers use heavily mobile, this feature will bring you the excitement. “Swipe to Visit,” as Google calls it, “uses AMP’s prerender capability to show a preview of the page displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Check it out on Seroundtable Website

Google Ads Mistakes

8〉 9 Google Ads Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

Brittany Zerr points out nine Google Ads mistakes (with scenarios that could actually happen) you should avoid at all costs.

  • You Have Unorganized Ad Groups With a Ton of Keywords
  • You Chose the Wrong Keyword Match Type
  • You’re Not Using Negative Keywords Enough (Or Properly)
    and more.

Check it out on Kickpoint

Using Data Visualization for Business Understanding

9〉 Using Data Visualization for Business Understanding

In order to know your customer, you have to know their demographics, without a doubt. They also share how to decode confusing excel tables full of data.

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About the digital dashboards

10〉 About the digital dashboards – let’s talk from the heart.

As George Harris, you also noticed a trend emerging: digital dashboards. We use them, probably you use them because it’s a convenient way to create reports. But as George points out, there are some areas to double-check when using dashboards.

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