Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 71

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Change Detection with Screaming Frog

1〉 How to Do Change Detection with Screaming Frog and Google Sheets

Robin Lord made a Google Sheet that does change detection for you based on two Screaming Frog crawls. This is important because unnoticed changes to a site can undo months of hard work and, particularly with large e-commerce sites, it’s often necessary to update internal links, on-page text, and external plugins in search of the best possible performance. That doesn’t just go for SEO, it applies just as much to CRO and Dev teams.

Check it out on Distilled Blog

Best XML Sitemap Tools

2〉 The Best XML Sitemap Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Kevin Indig updated his blog post published on SEMrush blog. The moral of this post is that XML sitemaps are important and sometimes underrated. You’ll find answers to the questions mentioned below:

  • What are XML sitemaps?
  • Why do you need to have one?
  • What are XML Sitemap minimum requirements?

Read more on SEMrush Blog

Google Tag Manager Extensions

3〉 Top 23 Google Tag Manager Extensions and Tools for Fast and Efficient Work

Julius Fedorovicius updated his piece of post on GTM extensions on July 24th, 2019.
He also shares guides on how to use these extensions, so this it like gold.

Take a look at AnalyticsMania Website

Google Spreadsheets for SEO tasks

4〉 9 Practical Ways to easily use Google Spreadsheets for SEO tasks

1. Redirects implementation validation
2. Compare Search Console performance metrics between two time periods to identify rankings increases or decreases
3. Compare the mobile vs. desktop ranked queries & pages performance
4. Identify content cannibalization issues between many pages ranking for the same queries
And you have to check it out yourself for the remaining bullet points.

Check it out on Aleyda Solis Blog

Facebook will pay $5B fine

5〉 Facebook will pay $5B fine – Ouch!

According to the news on TechCrunch Facebook will pay another fine because of user privacy decisions. In addition to the payment, Facebook has agreed to new oversight, with a board committee on privacy covering WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as Facebook itself.

Check it out on TechCrunch

Supercharge Your Link Building with a Digital PR Newsroom

6〉 Supercharge Your Link Building with a Digital PR Newsroom

According to Shannon McGuirk, we all need to be outreaching and launching content-driven link building campaigns that tie into all three types of writing: reactive editorial, planned reactive editorial and planned editorial. “Why the heck?” you might be asking yourself. It’s because we’re missing out on 66% of link building opportunities if we don’t tailor our campaigns into all three types of article, which gives way to inconsistent results.

Read more on Aira Blog

Power Query and Power Pivot for SEO

7〉 Introduction to Power Query and Power Pivot for SEO

Here’s the introduction quoted from Adam Dankhazi “If you’ve ever worked on more data-intensive projects, you’ve probably run into Excel’s maximum row limit of just over 1 million per tab. There are many ways to get around this – using other database systems such as MySQL, or languages like R or Python to store and process the data – but did you know you can do it in Excel also?” This read is definitely recommended for those who are working on data projects.

Check it out on Builtvisible Website

E-mail Marketing

8〉 The Definitive Guide on E-mail Marketing

If you aim to;

  • Build your email list
  • Improve your open rates
  • Write awesome newsletters
  • Turn more subscribers into customers
    Then you’ll love this new guide that Brian Dean shared.

Check it out on Backlinko

combat rising CPCs

9〉 How to combat rising CPCs in competitive paid search markets: Maximising click value

According to Wesley Parker, there are two main areas that he suggests you work on to maximise the value of each click.
1. To improve the UX on your website to increase conversion rates.
2. To focus on increasing the lifetime value of a customer by cross-selling other products or services, upselling more expensive products and driving repeat business.

Read it on Econsultancy

Anastasia Masters

10〉 If you still want to read more, we’ve got more to share!

30 articles you need to read this week are listed by Anastasia Masters. She rounded up 30 articles for you covering marketing, sales, design and product, development and engineering, human resources, and a few grab bag choices that caught our eye.

Read more

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