Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 69

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Content Marketing by Generation

1〉 A Guide to Content Marketing by Generation

Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials are the current three main generations you should concentrate on. If you want to make sure your content marketing is effective for each generation you’re targeting, you must understand the motivations, challenges, and habits of each generation, and how you should tailor your content accordingly.

Check it out on Marketing Insider Group

YMYL Websites Can Improve E-A-T

2〉 How YMYL Websites Can Improve E-A-T

Alex Andrews from Builtvisible states that algorithm updates have increasingly rewarded websites that demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) through their content, although it’s worth noting that this has always been Google’s intention. These three pillars of content quality are discussed in Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines, a 166-page manual given to the ‘search quality raters’ who evaluate Google’s search results.

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Google Works To Make Robots Exclusion Protocol A Real Standard

3〉 Google Works To Make Robots Exclusion Protocol A Real Standard

Google just celebrated Robots.txt’s birthday by tweeting “Happy 25th birthday, robots.txt! You make the Internet a better place.” And after 25 years, robots.txt is slowly becoming a standard. If you don’t know what it is, it basically helps Google (and website owners) to use the crawl budget efficiently. You can view your websites’ robots.txt by simply typing in your browser:

Take a look at  Seround Table

The 2019 Video in Business

4〉 A Benchmark Report – The 2019 Video in Business

Video is a powerful medium and it becomes even stronger every year. Thus, its value to businesses keeps on increasing. If you are into this, you should know the benchmarks to guide you along the way. You can download the report directly from Vidyard website.

Check it out on Vidyard Website

Traffic forecasting

5〉 Traffic forecasting: Predicting potential return from 87% of buyers who start with “Search”

Emily Alford shares what traffic forecasting is and how you can do it for your brand. A well-done traffic forecasting will provide you:

  • Monthly traffic and revenue projections
  • Insights into the impact of specific keywords on customized initiatives and goals
  • Project engagement and ROI for defined keywords in both search and social
  • Identification of gaps in competitors’ strategies
  • Identification of weaknesses in your own strategy

Check it out on Search Engine Watch

Creating better ad experiences for everyone

6〉 Google’s Guide on “Creating better ad experiences for everyone”

69% of people surveyed said that they were motivated to install ad blockers by annoying or intrusive ads. Ad blockers are like cancer in the digital marketing world. Thus it’s better to check out Google’s guide.

Read more on Google Ad Manager

Email Open Rates

7〉 Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rates – Based on Data

Email marketing is one of the leading channels. When it comes to email open rates, there is a lot to consider as factors. To see the benchmark study published by Marketing Insider Group, don’t be shy to check the link below. They also provided CTR rate, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate and even spam rate.

Check it out on Marketing Insider Group Website

Google Featured Snippets More Images Section

8〉 Google Featured Snippets More Images Section

Looks like Google is testing for showing more images within the featured snippets. It’s not official, so it can also be a bug.

Check it out on Seround Table

Siri Shortcuts

9〉 Everything that’s new in Siri Shortcuts (in the public beta)

With the public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 released last month, iPhone and iPad users find themselves with a new app installed by default: Shortcuts. Another big leap forward in Apple’s voice strategy.

Read it on iMore Website

augmented reality brand experiences

10〉 10 of the latest examples of augmented reality brand experiences

Nikki Gilliland shares the latest examples on AR that brands use. Toyota, ASOS, Modiface, Adidas is on the list. Worth checking out.

Read more on Econsultancy


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