Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 68

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Search Traffic is Left for Anyone But Google

1〉 How Much of Google’s Search Traffic is Left for Anyone But Themselves?

Rand Fishkin analyzed the data that he had from Jumpshot. The data represents only US clickstream, however, it would be naive to believe it would be very different for your target countries. And guess what? In 2019 Google sent around 20% fewer organic clicks via browser searches than they did in 2016.

Check it out on Sparktoro Blog

Google Analytics metrics

2〉 7 Google Analytics metrics that help in optimizing your website for higher conversions

Surya Ravindran Pillai shares great answers on how does Google Analytics help UX Designers. According to her article, there are 7 beneficial insights provided by Google Analytics, that will help us improve the website UX.

  1. Event Tracking
  2. Audience
  3. Pageviews
  4. Average Session Duration or Time on Page
  5. Bounce rate
  6. Behaviour Flow
  7. Goal Conversion Rate


A Guide to Duplicate Content

3〉 A Guide to Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is not something Google favours and Richard Baxter shares easy-to-understand answers on how to identify, diagnose and resolve duplicate content issues on your site to improve your performance in organic search.

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Google AMP Stories

4〉 Google AMP Stories: Everything You Need To Know

This new format called Google AMP Stories will give you more possibilities to promote your brand, content, product or services. If you use Facebook Stories or anything similar for your brand, you can boost your exposure in Google SERP as well.

Check it out on Samuel Schmitt Website

Google Lights

5〉 Google set to launch privacy tools to limit online tracking: WSJ

Google is set to roll out a dashboard-like function in its Chrome browser to offer users more control in fending off tracking cookies, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Check it out on Reuters

Site Kit is now available as a developer preview

6〉 Site Kit is now available as a developer preview

Google announced that Site Kit is now available. If you are a WordPress developer, you can go check that out, by downloading Site Kit.

Read more on Google News

Preferred Domain Setting From Search Console

7〉 Google Removes Preferred Domain Setting From Search Console

Google announced it has removed the preferred domain setting from the old version of the Google Search Console.

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Video Games Are a Staple Among Millenials

8〉 Video Games Are a Staple Among Millenials’ Media Diets

How important are video games to Millennials? According to our latest Millennials on Millennials report, which focuses on video game consumption among this demographic, two in three Millennials play video games every month. One more thing to be aware of: Millennials aren’t just interested in playing video games. They also like watching others play.

Check it out on Nielsen Blog

Complaints Over Google My Business Reinstatement Delays

9〉 Complaints About Google My Business Reinstatement Delays

There are many local SEOs who are complaining about the delay with Google My Business in reinstating businesses that were suspended. Barry Schwartz shares numerous complaints in the forums and on Twitter regarding this issue.

Read it on SeroundTable

Rethink Your Paid Search Strategy

10〉 12 Signs You Need to Rethink Your Paid Search Strategy

Adam Proehl shares 12 signs that you might need to consider when it comes to your Paid Search strategy. Definitely worth the attention.

Read more on Search Engine Journal


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