Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 65

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Glass Enterprise Edition 2

1〉 Another Google Glass? Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google states that this glass will provide the enterprise businesses with the tools they need to work better, smarter and faster.

Check it out on Google Blog

Google URL Inspection Tool Is Not For Images

2〉 Google URL Inspection Tool Is Not For Images

As can be seen at John Mueller’s tweet regarding the issue, Google’s URL Inspection tool within Google Search Console only works for web pages. It doesn’t work for images or other file types. At least not yet.

Read more on Seroundtable

25 of Users Abandon Apps After One Use

3〉 25% of Users Abandon Apps After One Use

Let’s give full definitions of user retention and user abandonment that Localytics shares:

  • User Retention: The percentage of users who return to an app more than 10 times.
  • User Abandonment: The percentage of users who abandon an app after one session.

Take a look at Localytics Blog

Competitor Analysis

4〉 Competitor Analysis: A Structured Approach

You definitely should have a clear picture of the competitor’s strengths and areas where you can improve yourself. Paola Didone from Distilled shares where you can start finding solutions.

Check it out on Distilled

 Seven reasons why your rankings dropped and how to fix them

5〉 Seven reasons why your rankings dropped and how to fix them

There’s this fact: nobody is safe from a sudden drop in rankings. As Inna Yatsyna mentions, be careful about the technical items, redirections, lost links, outdated content, poor user experience.

Check it out on Search Engine Watch

Powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy

6〉 How to Build a Powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy: A Marketer’s Guide

Justin Kerby who is the co-founder of Something Great published a detailed guide on Twitter Marketing. We believe Twitter is not the same as other social media channels. Fewer tweets may be shooting in the air now when compared with the previous year, but it is true that it’s still the fastest social network in terms of real-time event reporting.

Read more on Social Bakers

GTM click tracking

7〉 Google Tag Manager Click Tracking: All You Need to Know

The most common interactions that users are doing are page loading, scrolling and/or clicking. Tracking such interactions is key in order to understand user/visitor behaviour better. Julius Fedorovicius from Analytics Mania had this great guide for GTM click tracking way before. It is now updated!

Check it out on Analytics Mania Blog

Niche Website

8〉 How to Build a Niche Website

Nathan Gotch published a definitive guide on how to build a niche website. There’s also a 55-minute video embedded in the article if you enjoy watching rather than reading. A very detailed guide from A-Z starting from finding a niche.

Check it out on Gotch SEO Website

content strategy

9〉 Should you hire a content agency, or keep resource in-house?

Rebecca Brown has shared the in-house vs agency argument with her point of view. She answers several questions:

  • Do you have the internal resource to support an agency?
  • Is the brand you work for investing in quality content?
  • Do you need a specialist or generalist knowledge?
  • Are you able to invest in the correct tooling?
  • How important is it to have an on-site team?

Read it on Builtvisible

marketers in the Philippines

10〉 Are marketers in the Philippines facing the omnichannel challenge?

Looks like the internet users in the Philippines spend more time online than those in any other country. You might wonder: How much more can they be spending? Filipino netizens spent an average of 10 hours and two minutes online every day, nearly 50% longer than the average internet user, globally, who spent 6.5 hours online daily.

Read more on Econsultancy Blog


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