Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 63

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The new evergreen Googlebot

1〉 The new evergreen Googlebot

Google just announced it’s able to crawl with the latest Chromium rendering engine. This is great news because Googlebot now supports 1000+ features that it had not before.

Check it out on Google Blog

Google advanced search operators

2〉 How to use Google advanced search operators to find indexation and technical SEO issues

SEOs love their tools. Because they serve them well by cutting down all the hours of work in minutes or even seconds. But there’s this one tool that is underrated when it comes to finding indexation and technical SEO issues: Google!

Read more on Builtvisible

Analytics Data

3〉 Your Analytics Data Isn’t Real And It’s Only Getting Worse

Mike King from ipullrank shares how Google Analytics is flawed and it was always flawed. Have you ever checked the numbers on Google Search Console and Google Analytics? You should have seen that mostly they don’t match up exactly, but they are close to each other. The reason is that the methodologies for measurement were never likely to match up.

Take a look at ipullrank

Googlebot Search Exploit

4〉 Google Has Not Fixed A Googlebot Search Exploit After 5 Months

Tom Anthony informed Google about a way to manipulate Googlebot to execute Javascript on other people’s websites where Google can and will index those changes, including links. He decided to publish the details publicly since Google didn’t take action after 5 months.

Check it out on Tomanthony Blog

structured data with Search Console

5〉 Monitoring structured data with Search Console

Structured data helps Google to understand the items on your website. It can be books that you’re selling or make-up products, doesn’t matter. On this post that Google published on Google Blog, they share new features of Google Search Console.

Check it out on Google Webmasters Blog

On site analytics tactics

6〉 On-site analytics tactics to adopt now: Heatmaps, intent analysis, and more

Ann Smarty shares on-site analytics tactics. You’ll be able to answer the questions listed below.

  • Are your on-page CTAs engaging your page users?
  • Which page elements draw your users’ attention?
  • Is your content targeting the intended audience?
  • Is your web page optimized enough?

Read more on Search Engine Watch

Progressive web apps

7〉 Progressive web apps (PWAs) for SEO: Benefits, stats, examples

We are the lucky ones who live in the mobile-first era. The mobile experience has to be smooth for the end-users. For speed and better engagement PWA could be something you should consider.

Check it out on Search Engine Watch

Evergreen Content

8〉 Evergreen Content: What It Is, Why You Need It and How to Create It

Si Quan Ong from Ahrefs shares how to create evergreen content that gets backlinks and ranks for important keywords.

Check it out on Ahrefs Blog

Podcast Advertising

9〉 How Podcast Advertising Measures Up

Nielsen has conducted a number of studies, gathering data for over the last 18 months, and guess what? Podcast advertising showed that it can affect many important metrics for advertisers. Notably, podcast advertising has been found to increase key metrics like awareness, ad recall, affinity, recommendation and purchase intent.

Read it on Nielsen

Practical Tips for Designing, Running and Measuring Impactful Experiments

10〉 Mastering A/B Testing and Experimentation in Email

There are 5 videos, each of them would take up to 30 minutes of your time. If you have the opportunity for one video only, we highly suggest it should be the one “Practical Tips for Designing, Running and Measuring Impactful Experiments” presented by Kate Tinklenberg and Rian Lemmer.

Read more on Litmus Resources


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