Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 62

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Crawl Budget

1〉 What Crawl Budget Means for Googlebot

What is the crawl budget that every SEO keeps talking about? Well, as described by Google, it is not something most publishers have to worry about. But some should!

Check it out on Google Blog


2〉 Google Search Console Reports Finally Up To Date

Previously it was stuck at data from April 7th. The date may change +/- a couple of days for your data. Now you can see data as recent as a couple of days ago.

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Google Sheets Could Do

3〉 27 Extremely Useful Things You Probably Didn’t Know Google Sheets Could Do

We are all using Google Sheets on a daily basis if not every hour. Jr Raphael gathered up some useful things that we can learn fresh.

Take a look at Fast Company

Track Quality Score daily

4〉 Track Quality Score daily with this advanced Adwords script

Quality Score is one of the most important metrics in Google Ads. Because it impacts how much you pay directly per click. So in order to track it daily, this script that Wesley Parker shared will save your life. (Not really “saving”, but it helps a lot!)

Check it out on Search Engine Land

Tactic Ecommerce Brands Use to Attract More Customers

5〉 The Sneaky Tactic E-commerce Brands Use to Attract More Customers

There are a number of tactics that Pete Boyle shared, step by step.
Step 1. Product Identification
Step 2. Set Up Your Social Commerce Campaign
Step 3. Capture User Contact and Purchase Details
Step 4. Email Marketing to Nurture Customers
Step 5. Create Personalized Landing Pages

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Google on White Background

6〉 How Google Use Brackets In Search

Barry Schwartz explained why Google would consider brackets safer to understand searchers’ query, rather than quotes. A little note for us to consider while searching for [a specific query]

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YouTube SEO tips

7〉 Top advanced YouTube SEO tips to boost your video performance

YouTube is not just a social media platform but also a super powerful search engine for video content. Tereza Litsa shares how to make the most of its SEO potential.

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google and snail

8〉 Google: AJAX/XHR Calls Can Impact Crawl Budget

Google’s Gary Illyes posted on Twitter this morning that he updated the crawl budget post from January 2017 to explicitly say that AJAX (i.e. XHR) calls were added to the list of things that will consume your site’s crawl budget.

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How to win in this blooming commerce field

9〉 Southeast Asia: How to win in this blooming commerce field

Here’s an article from Nielsen on SEA’s consumer goods market. It valued at almost US$100 billion, it is rapidly becoming a choice destination for growth opportunities. In 2018 alone, SEA registered sales value growth of +3.3% as compared to 2017, and this growth is nearly double of that for the previous year.

Read it on Nielsen

Google ad-revenue growth slows

10〉 Careful! Google ad-revenue growth slows, as competition from Amazon heats up

Google isn’t growing at the same pace as it once used to. And when this happens giant companies immediately start doing something way more different than today.

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