Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 60

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keep calm and focus on the basics

1〉 Best SEO sources to follow and SEO tools to use in 2019

There are five segments if you’d like to improve SEO skills:

  1. Learn SEO
  2. Data Visualization
  3. User Intent / Keyword Research
  4. Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  5. Tools

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google air balloons

2〉 Google Is Dropping Pages Out Of The Search Index; A Bug?

Something weird is going on with the Google search index. According to Barry Schwartz, there are widespread reports of SEOs and webmasters complaining that their URLs and web pages are being removed from the Google Index. If you are affected by this, it looks like it’s about to be fixed.

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Google tests AR for Google Maps

3〉 Google tests AR for Google Maps

In March 2019, Google invited a number of journalists and some other users to try out this new feature for Google Maps. When AR functionality is rolled out successfully, it’s not hard to imagine that Google Maps will have added appeal for users.

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Google’s Responsive Search Ads

4〉 Testing Google’s Responsive Search Ads (spoiler: they don’t always improve CTR)

Are you using Google’s responsive search ads? It was one of the biggest recent changes that Google Ads has been introduced. Responsive Search Ads, RSAs in short. To make sure they’re the right choice for your brand or client, it’s vital to test multiple times.

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Content Distribution Ideas

5〉 Eight Content Distribution Ideas to Meet Your Brand’s Goals

It’s not over when you have created a good piece of content and publish it on your website. Traffic won’t pour down on you. Unless you manage to successfully distribute it. Here are some content distribution ideas from Alli Berry.

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PageSpeed Insights API

6〉 The Easiest Tool for Testing Page Speed

In November 2018, Google released an updated PageSpeed Insights API, which provides performance reports for a page. Distilled has created a tool by using the PageSpeed Insights API. If you’d like to get your site’s overall performance easily, check this out.

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Google Sitelinks Images

7〉 Google Sitelinks Images

In September 2018, genuine SEO people covered a report that Google has in their Sitelinks images or icons. Well, it’s no longer a test. It’s live.

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tools for audience research

8〉 Five tools for audience research on a tiny budget

Digital marketing with a very small budget? You are in the right place. Lauren Crain shares great tips for audience research.

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Metrics to Measure Content Performance

9〉 Six Metrics to Measure Content Performance

All content marketers know that monitoring content performance is crucial for success in the long run. So what can you track?

  1. Traffic
  2. Sales or Conversions
  3. Engagement
  4. Social media engagement
  5. SEO performance
  6. Authority

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consumer behaviour changes in 2019

10〉 Will your customer relationships survive infidelity?

Laura McCullough from Nielsen points out consumer behaviour changes in 2019 in comparison with previous years. “Consumers today are more disloyal than ever before” she states. Read the full article to see what needs to change.

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