Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 59

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marketing trends 2019

1〉 An Unpopular List of Marketing Trends for 2019

When asked about digital marketing trends, most of the marketers tell the same things over and over again: video content, data privacy, etc. Rand Fishkin, the founder of Sparktoro came up with this blog post after he googled the trends. Top results were -apparently- all the same. So he wrote about the unpopular list marketing trends that will have an impact in 2019 and 2020.

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google with bird

2〉 Google: Links Not Shown In Search Console Are Generally Irrelevant

Google’s John Mueller stated “In general, if our systems don’t even show them there, then they’re pretty irrelevant overall.” on Reddit.

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data driven marketing

3〉 Would you consider yourself as a data-driven employee or business owner?

Well, in spite of having so much information, only 53% of companies admit to making decisions based on data and analytics. How to defeat data chaos? With marketing intelligence!

Take a look at Adverity Blog

Google Dataset Search

4〉 Google Dataset Search: How you can use it for SEO

Google launched its Dataset Search tool in September 2018. It’s basically an engine focusing on delivering results of hard data sources more efficiently than the one which is currently offered by Google Search.
So how can you use it for SEO?

Check it out on Search Engine Watch

google card deck

5〉 Google Trick For Sites Not Ready To Be Listed In Google

If your site gets indexed and ranks in Google but you aren’t ready for that to happen, you can use the site-removal tool in Search Console to remove it. When you are ready, cancel that request to have it show back up on Google search engine result page. Becareful with your robots.txt though, it is important when you are taking these steps.

Check it out on Seround Table

Segmentation Strategies to Strengthen Mobile Customer Engagement

6〉 Four Segmentation Strategies to Strengthen Mobile Customer Engagement

Jake Fabbri wrote about the importance of user segmentation when improving mobile customer engagement of your business. If interested you’ll read about 4 how-to’s:

  • How to segment by age
  • How to segment by gender
  • How to segment by previous engagement history
  • How to reach each segment effectively

Read more on Apptentive

pruning keyword research

7〉 Efficiently pruning keyword research: how and why

According to Luke Berry the scenarios where pruning your list is a must are;

  • Accurate forecasting
  • Analysing commercial market share
  • Product/offering has changed or is limited vs. competitors

Sometimes, less is more.

Check it out on Builtvisible

Google Translate on Google Sheets

8〉 Google Translate on Google Sheets

It’s not a new thing actually, but we’ve seen lots of people getting amazed by this. So why not re-share it? Have you tried this feature before?

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google dead end

9〉 Google Search Console will die soon. We mean the old one.

SMX Munich is a great get-together for SEOs all around the world. They had Google’s John Mueller this year. During a Q&A session, he stated the old GSC will be closed completely soon. It is not an official deadline, but it looks like this will happen by the end of 2019. (And time flies fast!)

Read it on Seroundtable

amazon black dress screenshot

10〉 Amazon reportedly removes the most obvious promotions for its private brands from search results

Are you overwhelmed with promotions for their private-label brands, like Amazon Basics, Mama Bear or Daily Ritual on search results? Well, that may be changing.

Read more on Techcrunch


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