Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 57

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March 2019 Google Core Update

1〉 Winners and Losers of the March 2019 Google Core Update

Many websites from all around the world affected. Particularly the ones in the health industry that provide information on YMYL search queries. YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life”.

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Pinterest Optimization in 2019

2〉 Pinterest Optimization in 2019

Content marketing can do wonders and some of the time Pinterest is underrated within all social media channels. This article is like a guideline on how the Pinterest algorithm works and how to optimize for it. If you want to increase the exposure of your content, you should definitely check this one out.

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cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics

3〉 Do I need to set up cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics?

Let’s start with a simpler question: What do you need to track? If necessary, this a great (and fresh) article answering all your potential questions on cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics.

Take a look at Builtvisible

Using ODN as a Meta CMS

4〉 Quick Wins We Can Make Using ODN as a Meta CMS

ODN stands for Optimization Delivery Network. The Distilled ODN is used for SEO A/B testing and full-funnel testing. But not everyone knows one of the other main features; the ability to act as a meta-CMS and change pretty much anything you want in the HTML of your site.

Check it out on Distilled

Google Search Console API Features

5〉 Google Survey On What Google Search Console API Features Do You Want?

Barry Schwartz shares Mariya Moeva’s tweet about the survey with which she wrote “site owners, SEOs, and developers! What Search stats or functionality is your most wanted to get via API?”

Check it out on Seround Table

New SSL Timing in Waterfall Chart

6〉 New SSL Timing in Waterfall Chart

Anyone who checked for the speed of a page should have used GTMetrix at least once. They have improved by including the new SSL timing in the waterfall chart.

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WordPress safety plan for SEOs and developers

7〉 A WordPress safety plan for SEOs and developers

Around 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now, don’t know how many of them are being under attack every day. Detlef Johnson shares how to protect your WordPress site from attack. And the article is not just for SEOs but also developers.

Check it out on Search Engine Land

examples of podcasts from retail brands

8〉 Five examples of podcasts from retail brands

Almost everyone is on YouTube now. But not too many on podcasts. Not just yet. Why don’t you check these five examples of podcast ideas from retail brands?

Check it out on Econsultancy

Instagram introduces in-app checkout

9〉 Instagram introduces in-app checkout

It was just a picture sharing app, right? Well, making sales (or purchases) directly on Instagram was on demand even though they will keep a cut from each sale.

Read it on Campaign Asia

Why Google Ranks Sites with Spammy Links

10〉 Why Google Ranks Sites with Spammy Links

During a Webmaster Hangouts, someone asked “How come a website with spammy links can rank on Google?” to Google’s John Mueller. TLDR; John explained that the bad links are ignored and that the real reason the site is ranking is that they do some things awesome.

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