Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 55

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About Content Marketing

1〉 Backlinko Analyzed 912 Million Blog Posts. Here’s What They Learned About Content Marketing

Backlinko partnered with Buzzsumo to create this study content, they have analyzed almost 1 billion posts. They have looked at factors such as content format, word count, social media shares etc.

Read more on Backlinko

Google Search Console adds Products

2〉 Google Search Console adds Products to enhancements reporting section

Google announced that it opens a section on Google Search Console for Products schema markup. It is a good update for e-commerce websites.

Read more on Search Engine Land

Link reclamation

3〉 Link reclamation: A practical guide for turning unlinked brand mentions into links

James underlines an important topic about unlinked brand mentions for PR efforts. He created a survey for link reclamation, and on this content, he gives recommendations about how to do so.

Take a look at Search Engine Watch

Tool for Testing Page Speed

4〉 The Easiest Tool for Testing Page Speed – PageSpeed Insights API

Meagen created a script for extracting PageSpeed Insights from Google. You can see a clean list of URLs with page speed metrics such as first contentful painting time, performance score etc.

Check it out on Distilled

JavaScript Loading Priorities in Chrome

5〉 JavaScript Loading Priorities in Chrome

Kouhei created an up to date summary of script scheduling in Chrome, so you can see how browsers execute and schedule scripts.

Check it out on Addy Osmani Blog

Log Entries

6〉 Kinsta Analyzed 13 Billion Log Entries – Here’s What They Learned

Kinsta analyzed 13 Billion log entries where they split the data into 3 categories:

  1. Access Log Stats
  2. Cache Performance Log Stats
  3. PHP engine

Here are some insights:
– Search engine crawlers ended with 19% of all requests.
– 87% of the requests were going to HTTPS websites.

Read more on Kinsta Blog

internal linking structure

7〉 The best internal linking structure depends on your business model

Kevin argues about the internal linking structure and what your preference should be. He compares Atlassian vs. Amazon link structure and explains centralized & decentralized internal linking.

Check it out on Kevin Indig Website

Hello dev google

8〉 Google: Hello, .dev!

Google introduces .dev domains from Google Registry. Here are some companies that started to use it;,,

Check it out on Google Blog

Google Search Results for Different Locations

9〉 How You Can See Google Search Results for Different Locations

When users search on Google from different locations, the results they see will differ. Aleh explains how you can get precise results for different locations.

Read it on Search Engine Journal

ROI of Your SEO Campaigns Using Google Analytics

10〉 How to Calculate the ROI of Your SEO Campaigns Using Google Analytics

Adam lists the steps that need to be taken for SEO ROI calculations;
1. Set up Conversion Tracking
2. Analyze Your Conversion Tracking
3. Calculate Your ROI Percentage

Read more on Search Engine Journal


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