Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 54

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AMP Improve Rankings

1〉 Does AMP Improve Rankings, Engagement, and Conversion?

Stone Temple has conducted research regarding AMP impact on the website’s traffic. There are quite interesting tips about how to measure AMP traffic impact on a website.

Read more on Stone Temple


2〉 uses AI to generate endless fake faces

Witnessing the improvement of AI sure very exciting and yet also very scary at the same time. These kinds of programs can lead to creating infinitive designs of words, characters, etc. but also raises a few question marks over mind what could be done in the wrong hands.

Read more on The Verge

URL Render

3〉 URL Render

There is a new Chrome extension which can you let you scroll websites without opening them. If you are going to inspect many websites manually, this tool can save lots of time.

Take a look at Google Chrome

EU copyright directive

4〉 EU copyright directive poised to become law includes licensing fees for search engines

EU plans to govern new law regarding creating a single digital market. which might change the organic search results content. This law praised by big publishers around the EU but also raised voices around small publishers and free speech advocates.

Check it out on Search Engine Land

chrome on mobile

5〉 Chrome will Soon Let You Share Link to Specific Word or Sentence on a Page

Chome is going to roll out a new feature which you can easily create a custom link that you share a specific part of the content.

Check it out on Chrome Story

Google tests ads in Assistant

6〉 Google tests ads in Assistant results

According to Google’s statement, “Google Assistant is now on 1 billion devices”. This brings new opportunity to bring ads results on Assistant results. Google already start to test Ads on results as aspected.

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Bug with Ad Preview

7〉 Bug with Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool showing ad scores and more data

Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool had a bug which was showing data probably it shouldn’t be showing in the first place. According to Google, it was fixed but during the process, these services were taken down for a while.

Check it out on Search Engine Land

best SEO practices rebranding

8〉 Aleyda mentions about best SEO practices when it comes to rebranding

1. Company Name Rebrand
2. Product Name Rebrand
2.1. Product Rebrand with No Name Overlay
2.2. Product Rebrand with Low Name Overlay
2.3. Product Rebrand with High Name Overlay

Check it out on Search Engine Journal

Build a Search Intent Dashboard PowerBI

9〉 How to Build a Search Intent Dashboard

While you do your keyword research, you most probably categorize your keywords according to users’ search intention. Scott Taft shows that in detail with intention dashboards made in PowerBI.

Read it on Moz Blog

Should the content target users or search engines

10〉 Should the content target users or search engines?

Both users and search engines actually have the same intention while going thru content. Defining a purpose, making it informative, and citing sources are considered as some of the important elements of good quality content.

Read more on Search Engine Journal


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