Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 53

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Web Rendering

1〉 Web Rendering

Developers may deal with decisions which may affect whole website architecture. Jason Miller and Addy Osmani take us through the terminology on web rendering.

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Google Updated Content Guidelines

2〉 Google Updated Content Guidelines for QA Page

It looks like Google made clear what you can’t use it for QA Page. For example, a blog post or an essay that answers a question is not a valid QA Page type.

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Technical SEO Workweek

3〉 The 20-Minute Technical SEO Workweek

As we all know weekly controls are important to prevent unwelcoming situations. This article explains how to approach your website’s technical SEO in an easy and fast way to monitor.

Take a look at Search Engine Journal

Need High Authority Links

4〉 Do You Actually Need High Authority Links?

Ross Hudgens from Siege Media briefly explains why you wouldn’t solely focus on domain authority during the backlinking process. Links that are suitable for your niche and your business audience might work out better for you.

Watch it on Siege Media

Query Syntax

5〉 Query Syntax

Query syntax is basically looking at the patterns of words that make up search queries. In this article, the logic behind Query Syntax, how to implement and areas of usage are explained in dept.

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Advertise on LinkedIn

6〉 How to Advertise on LinkedIn in 2019: A Beginner’s Guide

You are a B2B marketer and you have a limited budget, most probably the first place you would like to advertise is LinkedIn due to most of “all of the professionals” are there. Before doing so you would like to check out this article.

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HTML bloated

7〉 Is your HTML bloated?

When HTML get bloated, your website becomes slower to load. This is a tool that helps visualize how bloated your HTML is within a flamegraph. Don’t be shy, it is easy to use.

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2018 GMB Timeline

8〉 2018 Google My Business Timeline of Updates

Brief summer list of 2018’s Google My Business changes, additionally with easy to understand visual. So much has changed in Google My Business in just one year.

Check it out on Rioseo Blog

reflang Not a Ranking Signal

9〉 Google: Hreflang Not a Ranking Signal, But Will Drive Targeted Traffic

On Reddit’s AMA, Gary Illyes from Google state that hreflang is not associated regarding algorithmic aspect due to that it does not receive a ranking benefit as itself. It is confirmed that hreflang will drive targeted traffic to your website though.

Read it on Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn Building

10〉 LinkedIn debuts LinkedIn Live, a new live video broadcast service

LinkedIn is going to launch a live video stream function. For now, it is still in beta and the first beta trial will be launched at U.S. LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, video broadcast will be a strong engine for engagement and revenue growth.

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