Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 51

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Google Search Console upcoming updates

1〉 This is important because it is about Google Search Console upcoming updates

Some of the upcoming changes in Google Search Console that are in the planning stage and to be live towards the end of March 2019 are shared on Google Blog.

Read more on Google Blog

kill Google News in Europe

2〉 Google is threatening to kill Google News in Europe if the EU goes ahead with its snippet tax

This is vital to follow up for anyone in digital marketing, all around the world because this may affect other regions such as APAC or the Middle East.

Read more on Niemanlab

APIs for SEO

3〉 How to Leverage APIs for SEO

Paul Shapiro shared his slides on how anyone can leverage APIs for SEO. And there are a bunch of Python code examples for us all to ride and run.

Take a look at SlideShare

PWAs on iOS

4〉 PWAs on iOS 12.2 beta: the good, the bad, and the “not sure yet if good”

It was a huge surprise for everyone when Apple showed support for PWA. (It is more advanced level in Android.) Maximiliano Firtman states he’ll be updating his article on Medium for the next betas and final release, it would be great if you have the chance to follow up!

Read more on Medium

Killing The URL

5〉 Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing The URL

Emily Stark from Google Chrome states that the aim of Google trying to kill the URLs is not to make it harder for users. Rather, it wants to make it harder for hackers to feed on user confusion about the identity of a website.

Check it out on Wired

Bing was blocked in China

6〉 Microsoft search engine Bing was briefly blocked in China

Well, major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been blocked for years. Why not Bing?

Read more on CNN

Careful on Your Google Ads

7〉 Careful on Your Google Ads!

Google Ads reps will start optimizing your Ad Campaigns if you don’t opt out.

Check it out on Twitter

tweet grabbed a featured snippet

8〉 What a Time to Be Alive

A tweet grabbed a featured snippet on Google SERP.

Check it out on Twitter

Non Skippable Video Ads

9〉 About Google’s Non-Skippable Video Ads

Google’s 15 seconds non-skippable video ads now available for all advertisers. Let’s see how that will affect users.

Read it on Google Support

Original Tweeter

10〉 Did you notice any changes on Twitter lately?

Twitter is either testing or already started using ‘Original Tweeter’ tag to distinguish who started a thread. It will be much easier to be noticed when you start a successful thread because you can always show yourself to your audience better in your thread.

Read more on TechCrunch


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