Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 50

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Buying Through Voice Assistants

1〉 New Study Reveals What People Are Buying Through Voice Assistants

Voice assistant is the next future, right? Here is a nice study on American consumers about voice assistant usage and their dislikes with easy to understand infographics.

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Full Funnel Testing

2〉 Full Funnel Testing: SEO & CRO Together

When testing for something, we should always keep track of the parameters for each item or topic to see their effects separately. But, sometimes it’s not ideal to separate items that we’ll test. Will Critchlow from Distilled demonstrates a funnel-testing way for both SEO and CRO together. We enjoyed it as Converged Asia team, we heavily suggest that you watch it.

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Remove 301 Redirects

3〉 Google: How Soon Can You Remove 301 Redirects?

301 redirects are permanent, we should be using them when we will not be reverting back to the previous URL. How about server maintenance? After a while, we should be able to remove them, right? John Mueller answered this question for us all on Twitter. “Keep your 301 redirects for at least a year” he states.

Take a look at Seround Table

Understanding JavaScript Fundamentals

4〉 Understanding JavaScript Fundamentals: Your Cheat Sheet

Web pages are always evolving and JavaScript’s usage is increasing rapidly. In order to adapt to this ever-changing world here is the quick guide for JavaScript fundamentals.

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New feature is now available in Search Console

5〉 New feature is now available in Search Console

Google announced that they implemented new features in Search Console. We will be able to see HTTP response, page resources, JS logs and a rendered screenshot for a crawled page right from within the Inspect URL tool.

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Dirty Rotten Trick

6〉 Dirty Rotten Trick Played by SEO Bad Guys

As like in every industry there will always be rotten eggs in SEO as well. Some people found a loophole in ¨Google My Business¨ and people may change the opening hours/days. This may impact in-store sales!

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National Tracking Strategy

7〉 How to Implement a National Tracking Strategy

It is hard to track your national standing, while Google is serving up results based on your precise location. In this article, Moz explained how to track your standing in national wide.

Check it out on Moz Blog

2019 Topics Facebook

8〉 What can billions of conversations tell marketers about how to plan for the year ahead?

Facebook IQ has compiled and shared a report as ¨The 2019 Topics & Trends Report¨. From beauty to travel industry, there are great takeaways for every marketer out there.

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Image Schema Or Noscript

9〉 Google: Image Schema Or Noscript Tags Are Good For Images

John Mueller has answered Melody Petualla’s question on Twitter regarding lazy loaded images. It looks like it’s safe to use one or both of them as long as not sending a different signal via each of them to Google.

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Google Analytics User ID

10〉 A Guide to Google Analytics User ID in Google Tag Manager

Julius Fedorovicius from Analytics Mania has explained implementing Google Analytics User ID with Google Tag Manager in 7 steps with easy to grasp screenshots.

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