Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 49

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How to Get Into Google News

1〉 How to Get Into Google News

Another White Friday episode from Moz, this week’s participant is Barry Adams. He breaks down How to get into Google News’ manually curated index and extras to your news website appear trustworthy, genuine by Googlers.

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Unnatural Links

2〉 Google: Unnatural Links By Humans Or Bots Are Your Responsibility

John Mueller from Google answered a question on Twitter, how does Google distinguish between a human unnatural added links for your web site compared to AI.

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mobile-first indexing is now used for over half the web pages in its search results

3〉 Google says mobile-first indexing is now used for over half the web pages in its search results

TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez compiled a brief history of Google mobile-first indexing and reason behind this project.

Take a look at TechCrunch

Inside Google Marketing

4〉 Inside Google Marketing: 3 ways Google thinks about SEO

Sean O’Keefe explained how they implement SEO on their Google web pages under 3 main topics with real examples and results.

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WordPress 5.0.3

5〉 WordPress 5.0.3 Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.0.3 Maintenance release has been published on 9th January. 15 block editor related bug fixes and improvements have been added and some issues uploading common file types, like CSVs, have been fixed.

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Google Will Discontinue Some Old Search Console

6〉 Google Will Discontinue Some Old Search Console Features

During 11th January 2019’s webmaster hangout John Mueller stated that “the crawl errors section will be going away” with the new Search Console. Some of us are eager to notify Google that this section is very important for us all.

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The Entity and Language Series

7〉 The Entity & Language Series: Query Language, Phone Language & Physical Location

‘Entity-First Indexing’ is the same thing with Mobile-First Indexing as Denica Nyagolova and Cindy Krum states. Language can be more important for some topics or search queries than others. So they simply tested phone query language, phone language & physical location in terms of ranking factors.

Check it out on Mobile Moxie

What are impressions, position, and clicks

8〉 What are impressions, position, and clicks?

For those of you relatively new to Google Search Console, this is actually a really useful help doc to go through.

Read it on Google Support

Building Responsive WordPress Forms

9〉 Building Responsive WordPress Forms

WS Form actions are fired whenever a form is saved or submitted by a user. Actions can also be fired using conditional logic. You can read more about WS Form tool for WordPress Forms on this article.

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Should I share it or not

10〉 The Tyranny of Optimizing for Amplification

Rand Fishkin’s voice on social media can not be ignored. He touched on one of our daily dilemmas “Should I share it or not?”.

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