Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 48

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2019 Digital Marketing Trends

1〉 Top 2019 Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions

The items listed in this article that Sven Lubek mentions are some of the top up-and-coming 2019 digital marketing trends, and how these trends will affect marketer’s strategies through 2019.

Read more on Chief Marketer


2〉 Spark: A meta CMS for SEO teams

You’ll find some answers to your potential questions such as “What is Edge SEO?”. Spark allows you to deploy code changes via your CDN such as Cloudflare so that you won’t be having the technical limitations of your current CMS. For example, if you’re using a CMS that doesn’t let you add canonical tags to a page, you can use Spark to just bypass the CMS and push the code live on the page via your CDN. This is like how Google Tag Manager works.

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crawled by Google

3〉 Check the date when a URL was first crawled by Google

Thanks to Rob Kerry, we can share how to check the date of Google first crawling a particular URL.

Take a look at Rob Kerry Website


4〉 TF*IDF for SEO: Test Results and Tool Comparison

You need to do a little more math to get both of the measurements involved, that is TF and IDF. But it won’t be difficult as Matt Diggity promises.

Read more on Diggity Marketing

pages indexed by Google

5〉 How to get 250k+ pages indexed by Google

If you have a big website and you want to have Google index it, only feed it the final HTML and remove all the JavaScript (except for inline Schema-JS of course), states David Kunnen.

Read more on David Kunnen

new Indexing API

6〉 Google’s new Indexing API and getting pages crawled immediately

David Sottimano tested out Google’s new indexing API and he shared how to test it out as well as the test results.

Check it out on David Sottimano Website

GitHub free users

7〉 GitHub free users get unlimited private repositories

Frederic Lardinois shared the good news to non-paying GitHub users. Free GitHub users now get unlimited private projects with up to three collaborators.

Check it out on TechCrunch

Scrape The URLs

8〉 Scrape The URLs Of A Domain And Write The Results To BigQuery

Simo Ahava shows us a cool thing we can do with Google Cloud Platform.

Read it on Simo Ahava Website

manipulated for propaganda

9〉 Google search results listings can be manipulated for propaganda

It’s a little scary how you can play up with the search results page. This may lead to manipulating but we strongly think that Google will fix this issue ASAP, so it would be nice to have fun with it now.

Read more on ZD Net

analyze when redesigning your website

10〉 Eleven reports to analyze when redesigning your website

Ryan Stewart shared what to analyze when getting a redesign for your website.

Read more on From The Future


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