Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 47

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Google Chrome for Technical SEO

1〉 Getting the Most out of Google Chrome for Technical SEO

Saijo George compiled list useful Chrome shortcuts for technical SEO which can save tons of time for you.

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Content Comprehensiveness

2〉 Content Comprehensiveness

Another Whiteboard Friday episode from Moz, this week’s participant is Kameron Jenkins. She breaks down what is content comprehensiveness and how to use for your benefit to rank on search engines.

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Competitor Does Effective Local SEO

3〉 How Can You Tell a Competitor Does Effective Local SEO?

Nice, a brief and informative checklist to analyze your competitor’s Local SEO campaign written by Phil Rozek. If you want detailed insights and analyzes of your business and your competitors as Converged Asia family, we will be happy to help you.

Take a look at Local Visibility System

Clever SEO Injection Malware

4〉 WordPress Targeted with Clever SEO Injection Malware

A malware built for SEO injection, which was pretty clever we admit. Then a black hat loads a bunch of spammy links up a webpage and the site owner is doomed. Because the links are injected in an unusual place: the back-end code of a WordPress site.

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Chrome User Experience Report Can Help You

5〉 Why the Chrome User Experience Report Can Help You Retain More Users

Eric Enge answers one question in detail: “How can you know what users actually experience when they come to one of your pages?” It is all about Chrome User Experience Report.

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The Search Results For Slack

6〉 Google How To Schema In The Search Results For Slack

Slack managed to implement HowTo/HowToSection markup and look at that SERP Max Prin shared on Twitter.

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Google Chrome SEO

7〉 Google Chrome SEO Without A Plugin

This post of JR Oakes, covers many SEO items that can be handled by Google Chrome without any other tools to be used. And these tips can help you to surf the web, even if you’re not into SEO.

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fake review attack

8〉 Massive fake review attack has big impact on small businesses

Most of the time, it is the small businesses get in trouble when it comes to fake review attacks. Joy Hawkins shared the impacts of fake reviews.

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Google Search Console Data

9〉 Use Google Data Studio to Export Google Search Console Data by Date

Jonathan Jones shared a Google Data Studio Template for anyone who wish to gather data from Google Search Console. The user interface of Google Search Console changed for Search Analytics report on 13th of December, 2018 and this lead to some of the key functionalities, ahem, currently unavailable.

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Go Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant

10〉 Go Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant

Oh, the good old memories of past Christmases! Probably one of the most iconic events of Christmas was watching the movie “Home Alone” with family and having a blast. Thanks to Google, with this new Google Assistant commercial they were able to bring back those good old memories of our childhood. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas everybody!

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