Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 46

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Match Your Buyer's Journey

1〉 Evolving Keyword Research to Match Your Buyer’s Journey

There are lots of variations of the buyer’s journey, but they all say a similar thing. Everyone goes through this journey, no matter what product or service they buy. This could be online or offline. Matthew Kay focuses on three stages: awareness, consideration and decision.

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John Mueller Distilled

2〉 Interviewing Google’s John Mueller at SearchLove: domain authority metrics, sub-domains vs. sub-folders and more

Will Critchlow had the opportunity to interview with John Mueller who is working at Google. It is not a shortly summarized interview, you’d better have your tea by your side.

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Google Top Places List

3〉 Google Top Places List

You’d want to be in Google’s Top Places List. In order to have your list considered for inclusion in the Top Places List feature, it must first meet criteria that are shared here.

Take a look at Google Developers

Official AMP for WordPress Plugin

4〉 Official AMP for WordPress Plugin Updated, Allows Sites to be Built Entirely With AMP

The official AMP for WordPress plugin has received a huge update. You’ll be able to build websites just with AMP.
That means new sites can be built with AMP from the start, without any need for duplicate versions of each page. Let’s see how that works out!

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Shopify Plus SEO Guide

5〉 Shopify Plus SEO Guide – Technical SEO Challenges & Limitations

Paul Rogers shared the limitations and SEO challenges that Shopify creates even though he is not an SEO himself. Shopify is being used more and more across websites and we all face some bloody limitations. Thanks to Paul Rogers, we have a list of what Shopify restricts and what it doesn’t.

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John Mueller Tweet

6〉 Google: Linking To Your Media Mentions Is Fine

Josh Rubin asked if it is okay to create a page showing the company’s media mentions and link to them or will Google frown on that via Twitter.
John Mueller from Google said: “This is fine – a lot of sites like to have a page that publicizes their mentions in the media and doing so is perfectly okay with Google.”

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WordPress 5.0 Patched

7〉 WordPress 5.0 Patched to Fix Serious Bugs

One bug accidentally allowed Google to index user passwords. Wait, what?!

Check it out on Threatpost

Introducing Clarity Bing

8〉 Introducing Clarity, a product to visualize user interactions at scale to optimize conversion, engagement and retention

Bing announced the beta release of Clarity, an analytics product that gives the ability to webmasters to visualize user behaviour so that they can make data-driven decisions.
What exactly they should change and improve on their sites, how to optimize conversion, engagement and retention.

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Google took a step to support Europe on copyright issues

9〉 Everyone benefits from access to information and creativity online.

Google took a step to support Europe on copyright issues.

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Fake Sponsored Content Instagram

10〉 Rising Instagram Stars Are Posting Fake Sponsored Content

Influencers (and influencer wannabes) are now pretending to be sponsored and posting brand content for free in order to seem like bigger influencers.

Read more on The Atlantic


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