Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 45

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content amplification sparktoro

1〉 Can You Still Blog Your Way to Visibility & Credibility?

Rand Fishkin answers three main questions in his latest post on Sparktoro blog:

  1. Is blogging still worthwhile?
  2. Is it the best way for talented content creators to reach their audiences?
  3. What else is worthy of consideration?

Read more on Sparktoro Blog

Karim Temsamani

2〉 Google APAC chief steps down

Google’s Asia-Pacific president Karim Temsamani is leaving after 11 years with Google in both Asia and the US.

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Become Everyone's Trendsetter

3〉 Become Everyone’s Trendsetter

There three main subjects that are being covered here.

  1. How the billion dollar business of persona management influences sentiment,
  2. How memes rule the world
  3. And as always, what we can learn from it

Take a look at Raynernomics

Google Assistant

4〉 Google Assistant will prioritize briefs over longform audio news

Google announced a new project and format for listening to the news. With the new format, when people say “Play the news,” Google Assistant will play up to 8 news briefs from different media outlets. Eager to see it coming!

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Indexing/Ranking Issues

5〉 Google News Publishers Continue To Have Indexing/Ranking Issues

Since October 2018, we all have been coming across some issues uncovered by news publishers that their content is not being properly indexed and ranked in both Google News and Google web search. Looks like after Google said they fixed it numerous times, there are still publishers who claim the issue is not resolved.

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Google CEO

6〉 Google CEO won’t rule out relaunching in China

You may already heard that members of the House Judiciary committee have closely questioned Google’s CEO about the company’s intentions in China this week, reported that this summer it’s planning a controversial return to the market despite local censorship of Internet services in China.

Check it out on Techcrunch

Mobile Metrics

7〉 The 2 Mobile Metrics Executives Care Most About

Curious about the two mobile metrics that executives care most about?

  1. Percentage of Users on Web vs Mobile
  2. Incremental Conversion rate

Check it out on Localytics Blog


8〉 Lighthouse custom audits tutorial

Google Lighthouse is a an open-source tool developed by Google Chrome team. Lighthouse run many automated audits against a web page and generate a report with passed and failed tests in order to improve the quality on many categories (Performance, Progressive Web Application PWA, and even SEO!). It could be run on multiple workflows (in Chrome DevTools, as an extension, from command line or as a node.js module).

Read it on Aymen Loukil Blog

Google will shut down Google+

9〉 Google will shut down Google+ four months early after second data leak

Google+ will now close to consumers in April, way sooner than it was planned to be taken down in August. Also please note that API access to the network will shut down within the next 90 days.

Read more on The Verge

Tokopedia screenshot

10〉 Tokopedia, the e-commerce leader of Indonesia raises $1.1B from Alibaba and Softbank’s Vision Fund

Indonesia-based e-commerce firm Tokopedia is the latest startup to enter the Vision Fund after it raised a $1.1 billion Series G round led by the SoftBank megafund and Alibaba.

Read more on Techcrunch


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