Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 44

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Internal Link Optimization with TIPR

1〉 Internal Link Optimization with TIPR

In this article, Kevin Indig stated “We know PageRank is one of the biggest ranking factors in SEO, but we often forget that it flows between and within websites! The common practice is to optimize internal linking without taking backlinks into account. That, however, can lead to making the wrong decisions.” Read the full article in order to get a grasp on what TIPR is.

Read more on Kevin Indig website

Rich Results expands for Question & Answer

2〉 Rich Results expands for Question & Answer pages

People ask Google millions of questions. Now Google is rolling out rich results on Q&A pages. Contact us if you’d like to see full SPECs on Google Q&A rich results.

Read more on Google Blog


3〉 Here’s what happened when Googlebot is followed for 3 months

The most important conclusion from Max Cyrek’s experiment is that he has not found a direct way to bypass the First Link Counts Rule by using modified links (links with parameter, 301 redirects, canonicals, anchor links). But it seems, it is possible to build a website’s structure using Javascript links, thanks to which we are all free from the restrictions of the First Link Counts Rule. Moreover, Google Bot can see and index content hidden in bookmarks and it follows the links hidden in them.

Take a look at Search Engine Land

mybusiness api

4〉 Google My Business API Update

Google My Business API is just updated this week. Some of the new features include media captions, bulk review capture (multiple locations in one request), question & answer APIs.

Read more on Google Developers

Social Media Clickbait

5〉 These Social Media Clickbait All-Stars Are Quietly Building Massive SEO Traffic

Brian Provost shared a great article on how social media stars are building organic traffic on the long run. See the line going up at the chart? That’s the number of Buzzfeed’s search clicks. It looks like Buzzfeed’s SEO audience is doubling every six months or so. So what can we learn from them? Definitely worth reading.

Read more on Brian Provost website

in-SERP Scrolling

6〉 In-SERP Scrolling – A New Thing!

Eric Covino came across with this SERP that he could scroll up and down on his mobile. Guess when we’ll encounter with this screen on Google results.

Check it out on Twitter

Organic Discovery SERPs vs Pitchable SERPs

7〉 Organic Discovery SERPs vs Pitchable SERPs

Ross Hudgens from Siege Media made it clear what organic discovery SERPs and pitchable SERPs are in his 8 minutes long video. You’ll get how you should create content that generates links through rankings, not just through outreach.

Check out the video on YouTube

DuckDuckGo Blog

8〉 How Google is influencing what you click

In this article that took place in DuckDuckGo Blog, they have issued Google’s bubble problem. That means Google is “manipulating” your search results based on your personal data. The research is done within USA, but it shows some astonishing insights.

Read it on DuckDuckBlog

WordPress 5

9〉 WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 will be released on December 6, 2018. This is a big release!

Read more on WordPress News

Alibaba voice assistant

10〉 They say that Alibaba already has a voice assistant way better than Google’s

Take a peak at how Alibaba’s voice assistant responds to a customer at the 2018 Neural Information Processing Systems conference which took place on December 2nd, 2018.

Read more on Technology Review


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