Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 42

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web rendering service

1〉 Google Plans to Improve their Web Rendering Service

Tomasz Rudzki shared from Chrome Dev Summit 2018, that Google has major plans for their web rendering service. Sometimes it can take up to a week before the render is complete.

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Advanced Guide to Keyword Clustering

2〉 The Advanced Guide to Keyword Clustering

Tom Casano says “To grow your organic traffic, you need your content to mirror the reality of what users are actually searching for.” and we can not agree more. You can learn why keyword grouping matters and how to do it properly.

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Comments on Search Results

3〉 Google to Let Users Leave Comments on Search Results

This is big! This feature is already published in official Google help document that explains how users can leave comments and read comments from others.

Take a look at Google Support

On‐Page SEO

4〉 On‐Page SEO: An Actionable Guide for 2018

It’s almost the end of 2018, but still there are some actions which can be taken fast and easy for on-page SEO. Joshua Hardwick shared tips and what to do in detail to improve on-page SEO.

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Speed up Your WordPress Site

5〉 How to Speed up Your WordPress Site (Ultimate 2019 Guide)

There are more than 70 millions of websites on WordPress. Yours may be on it as well. Find out how to speed up your site, since site speed is one the most important parameters that Google values. (It’s a pretty long article, so make a cup of coffee first.)

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Google My Business Insights

6〉 Google My Business Insights Improves Data Latency

Still some people claims that they see data from almost a week ago on Google My Business Insights. Kara from Google stated as “Google made improvements to ensure that your Insights data is more up-to-date.” Worth checking your own data too see for yourself.

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Send Messages to Businesses

7〉 Google Maps Now Lets Users Send Messages to Businesses

This is not 100% fresh news to most of us, since messaging was rolled out to Google My Business last year. Users can start conversations in text format with businesses through their Google My Business profiles. Now, Google has rolled out its business messaging capabilities to Google Maps.

Check it out on Google Blog

The SEO Guide to Migrate International Websites

8〉 The SEO Guide to Migrate International Websites

Aleyda Solis is well known within search community because of her killer presentations. This one is on how to migrate international websites.

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Discovered But Currently Not Indexed

9〉 Google Discovered But Currently Not Indexed Help

Did you ever see the term “discovered but currently not indexed” in Google Search Console? Well, John Mueller from Google explained the reasons behind this.

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YouTube SEO Ranking Factor Study

10〉 YouTube SEO Ranking Factor Study

If you would like to better understand how YouTube search algorithm works, this article worth reading. Because they looked at 100,000 videos and 75,000 channels to view millions of data points.

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