Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 41

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The Lazy-Alt Experiment

1〉 The Lazy-Alt Experiment

Tim Bridges is helping on exploring lazy-loading images for accessibility & indexing. Worth reading.

Read more on BrowserBugs

Bing Ads Scripts and Google Scripts

2〉 Differences Between Bing Ads Scripts and Google Scripts You Need to Know

Christi Olson shared key differences between Bing Ads scripts and Google scripts.

  • Functionality differences when the beta release of Scripts
  • Bing Ads scripts have an automatic “find and replace” function when copying and pasting Google Ads Scripts into the editor
  • The URLFetchApp work around to communicate and read applications and resources

Read more on Search Engine Land

Optimizing for Voice Search

3〉 Optimizing for Voice Search

Aleyda Solis shared insights and actions to show voice search behavior of users and ways to optimize for voice search.

Take a look at SlideShare

Fast Load Times

4〉 Fast Load Times

We all need to stay fast in web environment. Google’s will take you through:

  • Measure your site’s performance
  • Optimize your images
  • Optimize your JavaScript
  • Optimize web fonts
  • Measure performance in the field
  • Enforce performance budgets


Google Webmaster Hangout Notes

5〉 Google Webmaster Hangout Notes

DeepCrawl gathered notes from the Google Webmaster Hangout, where a number of JavaScript related questions were answered. Easy to read along.

Read more on DeepCrawl Blog

Squoosh Screenshot

6〉 Google Chrome Labs releases open source, browser-based image optimization tool, Squoosh

Kyle Bradshaw wrote an article on Squoosh, which is an image optimization tool, released from Google Chrome Labs. Looks very promising and really easy to use.

Read more on 9to5google

SEO Implementation

7〉 Google Launches New Tool That Grades A Site’s SEO Implementation

Just very recently, Google has launched a new tool that measures a number of aspects of websites. One of those aspects include how well your website is following SEO best practices.
The new tool is currently in open beta and available at

Check it out on Search Engine Journal

expandable hotel highlights

8〉 Google is testing expandable hotel highlights

Sergey Alakov came across with expandable highlights for hotel searches on Google search engine result page.

See it on Twitter

Videos are Showing up in Featured Snippets

9〉 Videos are Showing up in Featured Snippets

And HubSpot analyzed 165 of them. You can learn what a featured clip is, when they show up and what we all should do about them.

Read more on HubSpot

PageSpeed Insights Lighthouse

10〉 PageSpeed Insights, now powered by Lighthouse

Google published an announcement on Google Webmaster Central Blog about PageSpeed Insights is now being powered by Lighthouse. This is actually great news for some of users, since some folks were confused to choose between Lighthouse and PageSpeed.

Read more on Google Blog


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