Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 40

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Ecommerce A/B Testing

1〉 Ecommerce A/B Testing Ideas

Kevin Indig shared a guide to help ecommerce businesses understand how to run an A/B test and influence them for different A/B testing ideas.

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How to Do Content Curation for SEO

2〉 How to Do Content Curation for SEO

All about content curation! Learn the factors for content curation success. You need this to maximize your SEO benefits.

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Calculated Blended Fields In Data Studio

3〉 How To Use Calculated Blended Fields In Data Studio

It’s no secret that we use Data Studio for most of our routine reporting, here at Converged. You can create similar reports on other digital marketing channels that you use, if not you already did. This article shows how to use calculated blended fields in Data Studio.

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Takeaways from SearchLove Boston 2018

4〉 Takeaways from SearchLove Boston 2018

Komarketing was generous enough to share main takeaways from SearchLove Boston 2018. They listed them as;

  • Paid Media is Evolving – Fast
  • Don’t Be a Newsjack@$$
  • The Key to Successful Content? Data!
  • The Future of Video is 1 to 1 – This one is high-brow!
  • Look Beyond Keywords: Visual Search

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Using Excel for SEO

5〉 Using Excel for SEO

Jenny Halasz, aimed to show a number of uses for Excel that are beyond the standard ones. She says “Excel is simply the best and fastest way to slice and dice small data sets, and an essential SEO tool that belongs in your arsenal.” and we totally agree.

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Lazy Loading SEO Help Guide

6〉 Google Releases Lazy Loading SEO Help Guide

Google has released a version one of their lazy loading guide for SEO.

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Creating Infographics in PowerPoint

7〉 Creating Infographics in PowerPoint

Creating infographics is not the hard part, you can simply use PowerPoint to achieve this. But finding the right content or data set to be used in infographics is definitely takes some effort.

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update on Data Studio

8〉 There is an update on Data Studio

The latest update includes;

  • Chart-specific calculated fields
  • Chart interactions
  • Search All filter control
  • Updated dimension and metric picker
  • Multi-select improvements

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Pagination Guide

9〉 The Ultimate Pagination Guide

Here, you’ll be able to find answers to your questions on pagination. Some examples that this guide covers:

  • When to use pagination?
  • What is pagination?
  • Link rel=canonical in Pagination

Definitely worth reading.

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Crawler Traps

10〉 Crawler Traps

ContentKing Academy provides a full detail article on crawler traps. Crawler trap is a structural issue in a website that causes crawlers to find infinite and irrelevant URLs. A situation you’d avoid at all costs!

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