Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 39

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publication and library

1〉 A Great Read: Your Blog Is Not a Publication

Jimmy Daly explains the similarities and the major differences between publication and library. A great read for all blog writers.

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google favorite places

2〉 Google brings out new ways to stay up to date on your favorite places

Imagine that you walk by your favorite store, and you saw that you missed a huge sale. That may not happen again, thanks to Google.

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Double featured snippet

3〉 That is a long way down to scroll to organic position number 1 – Double featured snippet

Here, you can see for the “best places to study abroad” query, Taylor Robinson saw double snippets on the search engine result page.

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new links for instantly creating new Docs

4〉 Did we mention that we love Google Docs, here at Converged? Here’s an update Google rolls out

Google rolls out ‘.new’ links for instantly creating new Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms. This is definately a time-saving trick, that we welcome as heavy users of Docs, Forms, Sheets or Slides. The company this week introduced its “.new” domain, which can be used to instantly create a new file across any of these services, it says.

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Twitter update

5〉 Here’s a Twitter update that users won’t like: removing the ‘like’ button

According to the Telegraph, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter said at a Twitter event last week that he would get rid of the like function “soon.”

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semantically meaningful topics

6〉 Check this document that Google published on topic clustering on search queries with word co-occurrence and bipartite graph co-clustering

This one is hard to summarize, you’ll need to see for yourself. Uncovering common themes from a large number of unorganized search queries is a primary step to mine insights about aggregated user interests and Google presents 2 novel techniques that can discover semantically meaningful topics in search queries.

Read more on Google AI

 Google Redesigns Hotel Search Results

7〉 Google Redesigns Hotel Search Results After Lots Of Testing

Google has finally pushed a new design out for the hotel search results. So many tests were done over the past year.

Check it out on SeroundTable

a set of emoji that look like you

8〉 Google’s Gboard now lets you create a set of emoji that look like you

And it’s not just you selecting hair color, skin color to make your emoji look like you. There’s also suggestions, it uses neural networks to suggest skin tones, hairstyles, and accessories that you can then fine tune. You can also add freckles or wrinkles.

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mobile home page changed

9〉 mobile home page changed, now shows Google Discover feed

You will now see the new “Google Discover” feed that Google announced a month ago.

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Meeting with AR

10〉 The future or now?

Meeting with AR has come to life. Who knows when we all be using such device?

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