Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 38

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iab sea india

1〉 IAB Singapore expands to form IAB SEA+India

Local associations to advise the industry body’s Singapore-based regional board. This may change how things work in terms of digital marketing in SEA. Let’s wait and see!

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google link penalty

2〉 Google Link Penalty Can Remove Rich Snippets/Results

Barry Schwartz shared news on Google Link Penalty with the speed of light – once again. Be careful about inorganic links at all times.

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google colorful bars increasing

3〉 Another content “recommendation” source from Google takes off

“Big spikes usually mean some sort of change, new product, or initiative at at platform that affects journalists and media companies.” says Clare Carr. Then she dives deep on the subject.

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The Future Of Search

4〉 The Future Of Search Has No Keywords

According to Jared Belsky, the time for the next great evolution of search is already upon us, and there is too much revenue and opportunity left on the floor. There are three great forces that will turn search on its head: people getting in the way of profit, voice technology and everything becoming global.

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LinkedIn Feed with Creator-Side Optimization

5〉 LinkedIn Feed with Creator-Side Optimization

Linkedin updates its algo. “The overall effect of the model, LinkedIn says, sees around 8% of the feedback being taken away from the top 0.1% of creators, and redistributed to the bottom 98%.”

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Optimising for Google News barry adams

6〉 Optimising for Google News

Great slides from Barry Adams that goes into detail around Google News. He presented these slides at his talk at Digitalzone’18 in Istanbul.

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19 Lessons Learned From a Year of SEO Split Testing

7〉 19 Lessons Learned From a Year of SEO Split Testing

This is an epic presentation on finding answers for following questions: “What sort of effect do basic SEO changes? Why is changing your title tags possibly a really risky move? How and when has structured data helped? How important is freshness (and can you fake it)? Does testing change your relationship with a client? Should you put emoji’s in everything…”

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Twitter Ads Really Work

8〉 Do Twitter Ads Really Work? A Surprising Experiment: 17.2 Million Views From a Single Twitter Thread

In July 2018, Aytekin Tank decided to experiment with Twitter. A great read and a good case study for Twitter advertisers and users.

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Apple search ads expected to generate $2 billion

9〉 Apple search ads expected to generate $2 billion in revenue by 2020

Time passes real quick and 2020 is almost at our door step. Read more about Apple search ads expectancy by 2020.

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10〉 How to add and improve related products in WooCommerce

According to Richard Baxter, WooCommerce is an exceptionally powerful, customisable retail CMS plugin for WordPress. Yet, it still has some limitations.

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