Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 37

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Google on chalkboard

1〉 Google Cache 404 Hack & Workaround

According to Google’s John Mueller, the 404 page not found errors in Google Cache links does not affect the rankings or indexing. He also shared on Twitter a workaround many SEOs have been talking about for weeks.

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Google Authorship Importance

2〉 Does Author Authority Matter for Your Content and SEO?

Author Authority or in other words Author Rank is still a debate topic in SEO community. The question we need to ask is, is Author Authority a part of Google’s search algorithm and does it effects rankings?

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wordpress and google

3〉 WordPress at Google

As years past by, WordPress like any other Progressive Web Apps has evaluated rapidly. Hence the Google Developer Relations team is searching for WordPress experts, developers and advocates. If you are interested in WordPress and want to improve yourself in this field, this is your chance to apply to Google!

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4〉 A Great Guide to XPath

XML Path Language, XPath in short, uses path expressions to navigate in XML documents. Using XPath with accessible SEO Tools makes fetching and extracting data from websites very simple and easy, not to mention you can use it with Excel, Google Sheets or Screaming Frog.

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Social Media Conversations on Your Own Website

5〉 SocialChat – Start Social Media Conversations on Your Own Website

We all want our website to get more visits and make the customers stay more in the site. With the launch of SocialChat, customers will be able to reach out to you much more effortlessly. They can also continue with the conversions on their Twitter or Messenger account if they are up for it. Check this article for more information about SocialChat!

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google plus is closing down

6〉 Google is closing Google+ after 7 years

After 7 years, Google+ will close in August 2019. Back in March, there was a security issue with Google+ as the data were exposed to third-party developers and also according to Google, Google+ currently has low usage and engagement. Putting these two factors together, it’s easy to see why Google decided to shut Google+ down!

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facebook portal

7〉 A Bold Move: Portal From Facebook

Facebook made a bold move by its next move on “Portal” after all the cases against the company about data security. You can read all about Facebook’s new tool here.

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Online Reputation factors

8〉 Why These 6 Factors Determine Your Online Reputation

In this video series, Mark Traphagen talks about the six factors that impacts the online reputation of a brand, and helps marketers to understand these 6 factors and implement them on the site correctly.

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girl using facebook on laptop

9〉 Facebook Pages can act like users now, they can join Facebook Groups as well

If you don’t like it there are still options though: the group administrators can turn off the option allowing ‘Pages’ to join their Facebook Group. Admins can also ban ‘Pages’ just as if they were any other group member.

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seo consultant job listing

10〉 We are hiring! Want to join our team as an SEO Consultant?

We are Converged, a growing digital agency where members of our team can work where they want, when they want, as long as they do their job. Our clients are mostly from APAC region. Since we aim to be a multinational agency, we also have a few clients in other regions.

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