Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 36

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1〉 11 Common International SEO Pitfalls

In this article; instead of demonstrating best practices which depend on countries, industries, architecture and so on, Converged Contributor Emrecan Sanli explained how you can refrain from traffic and revenue loss while expanding your geographical coverage.

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2〉 Surprising SEO A/B Test Results

A/B Testing is one of the ways where you can get a definite results even if it’s just a little change you are making on your site. When you experiment with your data using A/B Test what you can find may suprise you. The known SEO Strategies may not be working for your site or it may differentiate from site to site and with this method you can know for sure if it’s working. So here is some of the interesting results Will Critchlow found when he ran A/B tests on a couple of big sites.

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3〉 How One Website Exploited Amazon S3 to Outrank Everyone on Google

In the SEO World, strategy is everything, especially if you are trying to get your rankings up in a extremely competitive area like sharing coupons online. Thinking outside of the box, this is one of the clever cases which uses affiliate marketing and Amazon S3’s service to outrank thousands of websites on Google. But just to give you a heads up, this is what we call Black Hat SEO.

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4〉 Playing Detective: How To Identify Bad Backlinks

Do backlinks even matter anymore? With the latest Penguin update, we started to ask this question and the answer is: yes. But not all of the backlinks are good news and it takes time to check every backlink manually. That’s why you should check this walk through to identify the dodgy links much more quickly and take the necessary measures!

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5〉 Automating Seo Reporting with Google Data Studio

The world is changing rapidly and technology is improving in a fast pace. In a time-consuming world we need to find ways to work more efficiently as SEOs and this is where the need for automation in SEO Reporting comes in. To begin with Google Data Studio is a great tool to use with different types of dashboard which you can also combine other tools like Deepcrawl, Zapier and Search Console to make data more diversify and understandable.

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6〉 Get Started with Dynamic Rendering

Processing Javascript is a hard task for the search engine crawlers at the moment. One way to tackle the issue is using dyamic rendering which is Google’s way of helping you get your JavaScript sites indexed by Google. To quote John Muellar: “dynamic rendering is the principle of sending normal client-side rendered content to users and sending fully server-side rendered content to search engines and to other crawlers that need it.”

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7〉 Mobile First Index Checker

With the upcoming Mobile-first indexing, Google index the mobile version. That means when Google recognize separate mobile URLs, they’ll show the mobile URL to mobile users, and the desktop URL to desktop users – the indexed content will be the mobile version in both cases. Mobile First Index Checker tool by ZEO compares mobile version and desktop version of your site.

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8〉 Google’S Cyber Unit Jigsaw Introduces Intra, A New Security App Dedicated To Busting Censorship

Intra is a new app by Jigsaw (formerly Google’s Think Tank) that allows you to test new DNS-over-HTTPS services that encrypt domain name lookups and prevent manipulation by your network. To make it short, it protects you from DNS manipulation. To give an example on DNS Manipulation, we can look at oppressive governments that are blocking access on news sites and other channels.

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9〉 Google Tests Navigation Slider For Mobile Search Results

Is there a new feature coming from Google for mobile search results? Scroll navigational slider is being tested by Google. With it, when you scroll down you can see categories on the right side bar such as Top Results or People Also Ask so that you can navigate more quickly.

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10〉 Discover New Information And Inspiration With Search, No Query Required

Say goodbye to Google Feed and say hi to Google Discover! It’s official. Google Discover is the updated version of Google Feed with a fresh look and new features to enchance user experience to another level. You can control your search and customize it to yourself using topic headers and you can change your language preference according to your interest. With evergreen content you can broaden your horizons and discover the things you haven’t even started looking for.

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