Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 35

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1〉 Malaysian Consumers Among The World’s Most Confident In Q2 2018

Nielsen and The Conference Board Global Consumer Confidence Survey collaborated on some meaningful findings about Malaysian consumers. Debt and job security are the two biggest concerns of Malaysian consumers while we can see they are the leader when it comes to consumer confidence within APAC region.

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2〉 Types of Google Link Penalties To Avoid For Your Website

Link building is one of the most used strategies to improve the rankings of a website quickly. A successful link-building strategy should help generate traffic to your site directly. But, if you dive into getting links blindly, you may find yourself getting penalized by Google. So here is a walk-through of Google Penalties and how to avoid them when implementing new link-building strategies.

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3〉 The Ultimate Guide to Web Image and Animation Optimization

The improvement of internet connection speed in the recent years have made it possible for web developers to implement their pages with more and more media. This opened up new doors to image and -of course- animation optimization. Elephate’s guide on the subject hits the right spots.

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4〉 Shopify AR Makes Shopping in Augmented Reality a Reality for Small Businesses

Augmented Reality (AR) is the next step for mobile shopping. It can bring products to life through 3D models that you can size up, view the product from different angles, try out different colors and even place in the environment around you. There is also a one-minute-video that you can watch, if you’d not like to read and visualize.

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5〉 An Open Governance Model For The AMP Project

The AMP Project had only 2 contributors at first. Now, after two years, there are 700 people contributing to AMP. So how to take actions or simply decide on something, what should they do? Here comes the governance model. Governance model is a system that describes how decisions are made.

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6〉 Mobile First, Chrome User Experience Report, and JavaScript

Bartosz Góralewicz had a great post on Elephate Blog on how SEO is moving in the ways we all could not even imagine and how SEO is getting more technical each year passes by.

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7〉 Serverless to the Max: Doing Big Things for Small Dollars with Cloudflare Workers and Azure Functions

Troy Hunt keeps on finding new and better ways to optimize cost and the two most significant contributions to that since launching almost 5 years ago have come via serverless technology provided by two of the biggest tech companies: Cloudflare and Microsoft. His best advice? It’s: “Run serverless on the origin to keep cost down and performance up. Getting away from the constraints of logical infrastructure boundaries means you can do amazing things.”

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8〉 This Will Change The Way You Look At Your Onsite SEO

We all know that Google changes the ranking order and appearance of a search engine result page (SERP) frequently. With help of the Raynernomics blog post, you’ll literally change how you approach to your onsite SEO. Plus, it’s very easy to read and follow through!

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9〉 Visualizing Time: A Project Management How-To Using Google Sheets

For us all, we mean by “all” the marketers, project management is one of the crucial parts of our jobs. And planning projects over time is not that easy, so Robin Lord created a set of Google Sheets to make that work more practical for marketers and you can find it in here!

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10〉 Improving Search for the next 20 years

Ben Gomes, the VP of Search at Google, has shared a touching point of view on Google blog while celebrating 20th birthday of Google. He added some key changes coming up in the future where Google looks promising to take searchers from answers to journeys.

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