11 Common International SEO Pitfalls

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Important Note The ideas below belong to our Converged Asia Contributor Emrecan Şanlı‘s point of view. Be Aware of These Most Typical International SEO Mistakes International SEO has been a controversial area for many SEOs. While some people still stick with old fashion techniques,- aka Dinosaurs – others don’t hesitate to try experimental changes. In ...

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7 Reasons Your Content Isn’t Working

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Cemre Yildiz explained what may not be quite right about content on your website or blog. (Read Time: 9 minutes) The term “Content is king.” is a well-known fact by almost every marketer now. Actually it was on January 3, 1996, when Bill Gates published the essay titled “Content is King” which states that content ...

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Top 5 SEO Hot-Topics to React in 2018

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Cemre Yildiz explained top five hot-topics to react in 2018. (Read Time: 12 minutes) As in all marketing fields, hot topics in Search Engine Optimisation change every year. Even though Google keeps changing its unique algorithm to serve its users a better search experience day-by-day, some changes are too drastic to keep up for some ...

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