Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 48

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1〉 Top 2019 Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions The items listed in this article that Sven Lubek mentions are some of the top up-and-coming 2019 digital marketing trends, and how these trends will affect marketer’s strategies through 2019. Read more on Chief Marketer 2〉 Spark: A meta CMS for SEO teams You’ll find some answers ...

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Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 47

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1〉 Getting the Most out of Google Chrome for Technical SEO Saijo George compiled list useful Chrome shortcuts for technical SEO which can save tons of time for you. Read more on TrafficThinkTank 2〉 Content Comprehensiveness Another Whiteboard Friday episode from Moz, this week’s participant is Kameron Jenkins. She breaks down what is content comprehensiveness ...

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Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 46

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1〉 Evolving Keyword Research to Match Your Buyer’s Journey There are lots of variations of the buyer’s journey, but they all say a similar thing. Everyone goes through this journey, no matter what product or service they buy. This could be online or offline. Matthew Kay focuses on three stages: awareness, consideration and decision. Read ...

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Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 45

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1〉 Can You Still Blog Your Way to Visibility & Credibility? Rand Fishkin answers three main questions in his latest post on Sparktoro blog: Is blogging still worthwhile? Is it the best way for talented content creators to reach their audiences? What else is worthy of consideration? Read more on Sparktoro Blog 2〉 Google APAC ...

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Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 44

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1〉 Internal Link Optimization with TIPR In this article, Kevin Indig stated “We know PageRank is one of the biggest ranking factors in SEO, but we often forget that it flows between and within websites! The common practice is to optimize internal linking without taking backlinks into account. That, however, can lead to making the ...

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Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 42

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1〉 Google Plans to Improve their Web Rendering Service Tomasz Rudzki shared from Chrome Dev Summit 2018, that Google has major plans for their web rendering service. Sometimes it can take up to a week before the render is complete. Read more on Elephate Blog 2〉 The Advanced Guide to Keyword Clustering Tom Casano says ...

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Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 41

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1〉 The Lazy-Alt Experiment Tim Bridges is helping on exploring lazy-loading images for accessibility & indexing. Worth reading. Read more on BrowserBugs 2〉 Differences Between Bing Ads Scripts and Google Scripts You Need to Know Christi Olson shared key differences between Bing Ads scripts and Google scripts. Functionality differences when the beta release of Scripts ...

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Thursday10 Digital Newsletter – Week 40

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1〉 Ecommerce A/B Testing Ideas Kevin Indig shared a guide to help ecommerce businesses understand how to run an A/B test and influence them for different A/B testing ideas. Read more on Sumo 2〉 How to Do Content Curation for SEO All about content curation! Learn the factors for content curation success. You need this ...

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We have moved to a new office

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Converged Asia is growing. Our freshmen as an SEO Agency of APAC Region has finished and we are really proud to share with you great news from our side. Although we promote remote working, we are still eager to have an office where our team members can enjoy fast WiFi, warm coffee and friendly faces. If ...

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